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2019 Ideas Festival Biggest Issues Workshop: Other

23 January 2020

2019 Ideas Festival Biggest Issues Workshop: Other

During the 2019 Rural Youth Project Ideas Festival, delegates were asked to identify the biggest issues in their community, collated below, in relation to the following categories: education, employment, infrastructure, health and 'other'.

These issues then formed the basis of the Design Thinking Workshop, a human-centred approach to creating new and innovative ideas, led by Rosemary Scrimgeour – who runs rural architecture practice Building Workshop with husband Ben - who is graduate of the Scottish Enterprise Rural Leadership Programme (SERLP).


“Everyone seems to be doing everything online, no interaction. Everyone seems shut off.”

“No like-minded young people living around or don't know how to find. Always looking further afield for friends.”

“A lack of opportunity to meet new people and gain inspiration from.”

“Kids and young adults have to enjoy and work in nature/outdoor environments.”

“Socialising - need for planning, younger people choosing urban lifestyles, so rural living can become isolating.”

“Lack of people in social circle.”

“Lack of opportunity to be part of projects - difficult to find out about them and generally based in cities.”

“More tree planting in rural communities.”

“A lack of engagement in the rural community. My wish is that people say ‘yes, I do care.’”

“Take responsibility.”

“Attitudes toward minorities in rural communities e.g. LGBTQI+.”

“Stereotype the islanders do not have ambition. Skills profession and motivations not true.”

“The resources are not there.”

“Trying to reinvent yourself when coming back from university.”

“Relying on social media/phone for friendships/connections.”

“Volunteer fatigue.”

“Constantly farm focused. Little time to relax and take time off.”

“More inspiration. Unity and work between all land-based industries.”


“Negativity. Certain groups not responding to change well. Keeping old ways. New people don't have the right to change island place.”

“Isolation leading to mental health issues.”

“Older generation don't want to change. Stuck in old ways of doing.”

“Many of our political leaders no longer fit for purpose and representative of young people’s views.”

“Access to food availability (takeaway).”

“Pressure from family to continue 'business'. Business/trade, end up not putting your needs first.”

“Not being accepted in urban communities.”

“Islanders always fighting our corner for funding and jumping through hoops.”

“Attitude to having high quality nature. People taking it for granted and not considering threats of climate change, biodiversity loss as something that will affect local environment.”

“Isolation/lack of friends/social activities.”

“Stereotype of rural areas being full of older folk makes you feel are you wrong being young there. Justifying your decisions.”

“Social exclusion. Isolation, loneliness and the urban/rural divide.”

“Lack of access to recycling points/limited access. Extremely limited access to banks and high streets losing custom in shops.”