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This research-based project aims to develop feasible strategies to facilitate the involvement of young people in agricultural and rural activity by better understanding their current situation, aspirations, opportunities and challenges.

We are engaging with 18- to 28-year-olds in, or brought up in, rural places throughout Scotland and the UK, as well as in Australia, Canada, Sweden and USA to draw comparisons and share learnings. The Rural Youth Project has three key elements: an online survey, a series of vloggers from around the world and a Rural Youth Ideas Festival, all of which will contribute towards the research.

The outcomes of all three elements will be shared with the research partners and wider industry to help ensure that, collectively, we are informed and equipped to better support and inspire the future generations of Scotland living and working in rural places.

The research will be followed up, including additional countries, from 2019-22 to develop the unfolding picture over time.