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In many ways, the coronavirus pandemic has provided the opportunity to stop, take stock, and consider how we can better share the stories of young people; lifting the veil and exposing the underbelly of what it is like to live rurally, and shining a light on their experiences, opportunities and what inspires them.

We wanted to share these stories with you through the first edition of our new magazine – Tread.

We felt Tread was an apt name for this magazine. Young rural people have a love of place borne of treading its landscape. And tread depicts a moment in life’s walk – a moment in rural history, a moment on life’s journey and a place where ancestors walked before.   

If we all learn to tread lightly amongst our closest people and our local environment, we have the makings of strong, lasting connections, reasons for people to invest in each other and in the places they call home. 

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Tread Magazine
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