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The award-winning Rural Youth Project Podcast, kindly supported by Interagro, provides a rich and diverse insight into the lives of rural young people living in the countryside.

Having your voice heard: Daniella Damptey

Connecting Young People in the Kitchen: Food Punks


Creating fairy tales inclusive of all kids: Funkibator's Kristina and Jurek

Working 9 to Thrive: Digby

Illuminating Land-based Industries: Luke, Toni, Catriona & Ellinor, Scotland

Equalling the Playing Field: Mukadass Javaid, Glasgow

Bringing Barista Style Coffee to the Country: Austen Morley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Creative Way to Cure a Craving - Treasa Cadogan, Cape Clear Island, Ireland

Being Resourceful: Amy & Gini, Isle of Jura, Scotland

In deep, rural southern USA, what can make the young stay? Caleb Hicks, Dublin, Alabama

Cress growing and community farming in the Netherlands

The floating dairy farm of Rotterdam

How to bridge the urban-rural divide: Lessons from the Netherlands

Growing up and dealing with adversity

Anna Lamotte: Living back with the parents in the countryside

Alana: Family secrets and succession in Oz

Megan: Being a female gamekeeper

Muin: How nature is helping refugees in Sweden

What's the best thing about being young in the countryside?

Being young and rural - the ups and downs