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The Rambling Ranger Podcast

14 May 2020

The Rambling Ranger Podcast

Luke Taylor attended the 2019 Rural Youth Project Ideas Festival and has recently launched a new podcast. Check out his top tips on starting a new podcast below:

The Rambling Ranger Podcast is a podcast inspired by Scottish Countryside Rangers. Featuring an insight into the lives of people working as Rangers, and other key guests from various walks of life! You can listen to the Rambling Ranger Podcast here.


I wanted to create something that allowed me the freedom to talk about my job as a Ranger. Having been exposed to The Rural Youth Project podcast I decided I wanted to create my own. I enjoy talking to people, and doing interviews felt quite natural. The podcast gives me an opportunity to speak to lots of different people and share their stories which have been influential to me. Rangers are not that widely known about or understood, so by talking to Rangers themselves I hope people will get a better understanding first hand.

I never pictured myself ever hosting something like a podcast but I am enjoying the experience so far. I have been an influencer for my industry and Rangers for over a year now and I hope to continue doing so in every way I can.

Top Tips

Choosing a topic

Pick something you are passionate about. For me, it’s my job but it could be a hobby or focus on the people you’d like to talk to. If your passionate then people will want to listen and you’ll be more inclined to keep going.

Choosing your guests

Choose people you are comfortable with talking to. When starting off you’ll have a much more enjoyable and relaxed time if you already know the people you are interviewing. You will also have lots more to discuss. For me, I found it easier as I already knew lots about the other person.

Have a plan

Plan ahead & envision what you would like to accomplish. It’s important to set a goal for yourself and once you have reached that goal you can review what you have done and decide what you’d like to do next. For me, I planned my guests and the number of episodes I wanted to do. Once I’ve finished those, I'll plan what I want to achieve next.