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2019 Ideas Festival Delegate Take-Home Messages

22 January 2020

2019 Ideas Festival Delegate Take-Home Messages

At the conclusion of the 2019 Rural Youth Project Ideas Festival, delegates were asked to note down their take-home messages on post-it notes. Their sentiments are noted below:

"I had no idea about life in rural communities."

"New thoughts lead to new choices & opportunities."

"My one take away message from this amazing weekend is that change starts with me. I really connected with the statements 'If not you, who? If not now, when?'"

"The importance of self-care and 'cheerleaders' & move before you're ready

find your 'cheerleaders' and 'just do it'.”

“The power of storytelling and listening: even the smallest story have links to everyone and are relatable. Learning about crowdfunding was very interesting and will be looking into this more. Honesty/being you is so effective to engage people, and everyone connected so quickly.”

“There are so many future young leaders in our rural communities - I've been given hope and found the spark I need to be braver in my decisions.”

“Aim for what may seem like impossible dreams/goals (work abroad).”

"Use my silent cheerleaders!"

“EVERYONE has a story. Ask questions, listen, absorb and grow. Approach people and don't be afraid to be vulnerable.”

"Just do it, find your silent cheerleader, get out of your comfort zone."

"Inspiration, opportunities, support networks with RYP and just do it."

"If not you, who? Only you can make the impossible possible. Invest in yourself and know why and what/who for. Cherish the 'who’s', live your 'why', discover your 'what' and enjoy the 'how' - just do it….now!"

“Motivation from people’s stories of what is possible.”

“To get out of my comfort zone more often as it is rewarding (climbing/networking). Met so many friends and the climbing activity taught me that I can achieve more than what I initially think.”

“New perspectives from rural areas and islands in Scotland, inspiration from fantastic young leaders.”

“Don't be afraid of "no" what damage can "no" really do. Have the belief in what I believe in and make it clear to business partners, but also those around me.”

“Don't be afraid to share views, no matter how non-mainstream they are - but know my stuff!”

"It's time to take visions/dreams seriously and get started."

“Sharing experiences and ideas has been a genuine good time full of realisation.”

“You should believe in yourself! I am going to chase my vision even more so and not hesitate in speaking to the people I think will have an influence on my journey. Young people are the future and the future is here!”

“Got to make crazy ideas reality, rather than ignoring them, to make change. Might sound mad/silly, but will most likely be awesome.”

“You are the only person in the way of your success.”

“The honesty, openness and ability of people to share their vulnerability with so much integrity and authenticity. Taking risks and being brave can open so many doors, lead to so many opportunities and build such strong relationships.”

“There's a community out there - go find it.”

“There is no shame in doing something different. Hang onto the people that can understand your goal.”

“Make a plan and aim for the big rocks.”