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Annabel Baker

Age: 25
Career: Project Coordinator, Lantra Scotland
Location: Newport-on-Tay, Fife, Scotland
Origin: Surrey, England
Annabel Baker

About Me

I am an English lass that has lived in Scotland since the age of four. I studied Geography with Psychology at the University of Dundee and then went on to study Catchment Hydrology and Management. I was lucky enough to get an internship at Perth College UHI as a Project Coordinator on a renewables business network before moving to Lantra Scotland where I have been for the last year. I lead on the Lantra Industry Champions Initiative, Trees and Timber Land-based Engineering sectors, and have been responsible for organising and attending many events to promote careers in the land-based sector

Rural life

I am lucky enough to live where we have a strong Young Farmers network and I am an active member of Bell Baxter Agricultural Discussion Society, which is part of the Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs. SAYFC gives young rural people a great opportunity and I have held many office bearer positions, including Club Secretary, District Treasurer and Vice-Chair. Competitions are organised regularly at local and national level within the organisation and I have had the opportunity to represent Scotland at National level in Tug of War.

Having moved from a city in England with a very busy atmosphere, I realise how lucky I am to now live in a peaceful and beautiful part of the rural world. Photography is a big passion of mine, particularly capturing scenic views.

Rural challenges

Although I am glad to live in a rural area, it does come with its challenges. Technology is moving quick and fast, however rural areas are still affected with slow Wi-Fi connections, or sometimes no connection at all! Everyone is being encouraged to “go green” and recycle more, something I am also very passionate about; however, how can the government expect people to recycle in the rural communities with limited recycling facilities provided. These are two areas I feel strongly about and want to see change to help the rural community move forward.

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