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Dirk-Jan Kloet

Age: 25
Career: Driver for innovation, young entrepreneur & crop farmer
Location: Teteringen, the Netherlands
Origin: Same as Location
Dirk-Jan Kloet

About Me

I have a creative brain with an eye for opportunities. My drive is very simple – like many others I want to make changes in the world for the good. I believe the rural area can play a very big and important role in our transition period towards sustainable systems. The urban areas need the rural areas, but the rural areas also need the urban areas. I studied Agriculture and Entrepreneurship at the HAS University of applied Science. I love working in the agricultural sector and my biggest passion is travelling.

Rural life

For eight years I was a board member of our Rural Youth Organisation. Three of the eight years I held the position of chairman. This organisation is organising all kinds of activities for the youngsters in our village.

I am also a board member of the Agricultural Youth Organisation. This is a national organisation that stands up for the interests of young farmers. We are also organising networking events, workshops, seminars, readings and excursions.

Rural challenges

What I enjoy most about living in a rural location is being outside and up close with nature in a wonderful setting. However, the decrease in vitality of rural areas concerns me. Older people are moving to rural areas and young people are moving to the city. I also don’t agree with the stiffness about change. If something is going right, lets keep it right! But there is some urgency to change some things radically concerning the current challenges these generations are dealing with. I would love to see the rural areas thriving by using there strengths instead of pointing the finger towards the urban areas.

What is our license to produce? Are we only a commodity producer? Is there a possibility to produce health and happiness? Or renewable energy, a rural experience, plant medicines, biofuel, or perhaps clean air? Can we revalue our existence? Or are we only a slave of the system without saying anything about our prices? Are we going to wait until regulations will force us to change, or are we leading the change? You can say it!

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