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Lauren Dixon

Age: 23
Studies: Masters in Contemporary Art
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Origin: Corbridge, England
Lauren Dixon

About Me

I am a documentary artist, I look at the idea of documenting current problems within life in an artistic way.

I am involved in Deveron Projects, where I was an intern and first got to know about the Rural Youth Project and what it has to offer. In August I attended the Rural Youth Project’s Ideas Festival in Kinross, Scotland.

Rural life

Living rurally brings peace and helps me have space to contemplate my thoughts. I love the fact you are not overwhelmed by the digital culture in a rural setting.

Rural challenges

However, the consistent need to travel to be able to maintain a job is something that really frustrates me. I often have to travel on the local bus route, which costs at least £5 a day and to get to the nearest city via the bus takes a minimum of 45 minutes. I used to be part of the national team for karate and we had to travel up to three houses to compete at competitions.