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Megan Veldman

Age: 27
Career: Egg Farmer
Location: Perth South, Canada
Origin: Same as Location
Megan Veldman

About Me

Poultry farming has been part of my life growing up here in Perth South, Canada. Our egg, pullet and cash crop farm is where I now work full time along with my family. Before coming home to work I studied at the University of Guelph and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree.

Rural life

Out with our enterprise at home, I am a councillor for Egg Farmers of Ontario and a delegate for the Grain Farmers of Ontario. This allows to me meet new people and interact with other like-minded people in the egg and arable industry. During the winter I also try and make time for hockey and play for the local team.

Living in rural Canada is beautiful. I love how quiet it can be and the privacy that goes along with it. You don’t have neighbours right on your doorstep watching your every move. The rural area may not be hugely populated by people but has a great population of wildlife and allows for lots of space to do activities for biking to horse riding.

Rural challenges

Although I really appreciate the space and quiet surroundings where I live, there is often time when I don’t like being so secluded from the city. You can’t just nip to the shops instead, you must endure a long drive to get there.

There is also a lot of issues and challenges we rural residents face daily. Cell phone coverage is a huge problem where I live and can make communication for work as well as socially a real struggle. More cell phone coverage and better broadband would make rural life less distant from urban life and help us communicate with our peers in areas further afield.

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