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Muin Gholami

Age: 18
Career: Nursing
Location: Mojӧlby, Sweden
Origin: Afghanistan
Muin Gholami

About Me

I am a guy with a love of football and nature! I am currently studying for my nursing qualification and work part time in an older home, which is great training and development for my sturdies. I am currently involved with a project called Ny Pålandet, which in English means new in the country. The project focuses on taking youths and young refugees between 16-24 and teaching them about the countryside in Sweden – a place they have never been to and don’t have much knowledge about. Other personal passions include food, learning new things and other languages.

Rural life

Rural life is so important to me. I love the nature, calmness and friendships that can be created rurally. As part of the project we teach young refugees all about nature and how they can help to take care of the beautiful world we live in.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same passion to take care of our planet and the beautiful rural surroundings. Those who live or come to visit rural areas ad don’t care for it and destroy the nature are people I feel disappointment and frustration with.

Rural challenges

I would like to see more being done to teach people about their rural surroundings, whether they live in an urban area or in the countryside. People should be encouraged to take care of nature, without our wildlife, and plants we wouldn’t be here.

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