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Rakel Tornblom

Age: 27
Career: Sheep and cattle farmer
Location: Skara, Sweden
Origin: Same as Location
Rakel Tornblom

About Me

I have always lived in the countryside and animals have been a key part in my upbringing. My choice of upper secondary school was of course based on agriculture. A few years ago, I met the love of my life and he has the same interest in farming as I do. Together, with his parents, we run approximately 300 hectares, and have 200 ewes and 300 cattle (which are crossbred with Hereford and Simmental).

Rural life

I am part of the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRD) at a local level. The organisation is an interest and business organisation for the green industry with approximately 150,000 individual members.

What I appreciate and love most about living in a rural area is how close to nature we are and the peacefulness. There is no buzz of busy cars and you can hear all the beautiful sounds of nature, right on your doorstep.

Rural challenges

However, to get any groceries or purchases you must travel a reasonable distance and it needs to be done by vehicle. The local town to us is relatively small, so it’s not attractive to live in work in either. Many of the younger generation have moved away because of it.

It would be great to see some changes made to smaller towns to attract more people to stay. Small changes to healthcare and more convenient shopping stores would help greatly in encouraging people to remain in their rural communities.

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