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Tamzy Hopwood

Age: 26
Career: Ranch Assistant Manager & Office Manager
Location: South Idaho, USA
Origin: Same as Location
Tamzy Hopwood

About Me

I work on a ranch in Nevada and commute around 1½ -3 hours from my home in Idaho, depending where on the ranch I need to go. I do this a couple days a week and when I am not working there I am at home helping on my family’s small farm/ranch.

I love all things outdoors and take any opportunity I can to explore the nature, wildlife and diverse eco system around us. I am part of the Local Cattlemen’s Association which is a national partner of National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Our focus is to coordinate and advance the economic wellbeing of the beef industry through innovative and effective political, educational and marketing programmes which are accepted and supported by all industry segments, partners and coalitions.

Rural life

Although I am part of the Local Cattlemen’s Association, I would like to see more group activities in rural areas. Working and living in some rural areas can be quite lonely, so more group activities would encourage individuals to interact and socialise with people with similar interests.

Rural challenges

Living in a rural location and working day to day with animals is what I love, however one worry which comes with this is the lack of accessible emergency services. Working with animals can be a high-risk job and if an accident were to occur we could have to wait quite some time for the emergencies services to be at the scene. I feel this is something that has declined over the years so I really feel more local emergency services should be established

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